How a ‘Ukraine-plus’ Brexit deal could solve Theresa May’s problems|Ursula Ott and Pervez Ghauri

A Ukraine-plus arrangement could therefore be the deal that May is looking for – no European Court of Justice oversight, a trade deal that does not include free movement of people, room for third country agreements and security and defence collaborations. This could achieve most of May’s white paper objectives and appeal to the different factions in her party.

Theresa May’s deal is almost exactly the Brexit the UK voted for|Craig Berry

...their opposition to May’s deal is logically inconsistent with their own argument that May has underplayed the UK’s hand. The trade negotiations that will now ensue, if parliament accepts the withdrawal deal, is their chance to prove that the EU does need the UK just as much as the UK needs the EU – and that it’s possible for the UK to secure long-term access to EU markets without undermining its trade policy autonomy.